Get started! There are plenty of genres to choose from.

Successfully executed branded mini-games are engaging and memorable. To pick the best strategy for your campaign, start with the mini-game genre. Choose the genre from the list below that you believe will work best for your campaign and get in touch with us. Our experienced team will help you with next steps.

Strategy games focus on gameplay that requires careful and skillful thinking and planning in order to achieve victory.

Puzzle games require the player to solve logic puzzles or navigate complex locations such as mazes. They are among the most popular casual games. This genre frequently crosses over with adventure and educational games.

Action games emphasize physical challenge and require eye-hand coordination. They center around the player, who is in control of most of the action. Most known action games are platform, racing and fighting games.

Sports games simulate sports and are highly competitive. The interaction can be relatively simple actions that are addictive fun!

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