Holiday season is a period when companies compete for consumer dollars. Easter is no different from any other holiday. If you are not interested in selling chocolate bunnies, you need a powerful marketing strategy that helps you get noticed.

For your inspiration, we have put together some Easter marketing ideas that you can use to promote your company this spring.

  1. Run Easter-themed Promotions

Don’t be scared to run marketing promotions using a Easter theme. Be creative with words and visuals, use bright colors and focus on telling a story. For example, you could start a campaign where your customers can hunt for Easter eggs to receive discount on your product. The more eggs they can find, the bigger the discount. Your kids will love it!

  1. Launch an online Easter game

Games provide a fun and interactive experience for your customers. If you do it very well, they will be happy to share the game in social media. You can also combine the game with other promotions, such as the Easter-themed promotion for maximum engagement.

  1. Add colour to your Social Media pages

Add some bright Easter-themed images, videos or mini-games to your social media pages and share Easter-themed posts too. It will take little time, but will help you to stand out. You can even ask your fans to submit their favourite Easter photos, then promise a prize for the winning entry.

  1. Create Easter-themed online greetings cards

Easter is a great time to show that your care for your customers. Create 4 Easter-themed online greetings cards that your customers can use to send to their friends and family. Your customers will appreciate it, which leads to long-term customer loyalty.

  1. Show how are you celebrating Easter

Customers are more loyal to you if you show yourself. Make sure your staff are all in the Easter mood and aware of your promotions and campaigns. Share pictures or video clips of them in your social media pages and invite your fans to share how they prepare for and celebrate Easter.

These ideas are just examples. There are many ways to be creative, fun and engaging. Great ideas and excellent execution will bring you new customers and make your existing customers love you, but it can also generate positive PR for your business.