The power of social media is well known among marketers. Try branded mini-games to reach your target audience through social media. Well chosen strategy and great execution will improve your visibility and increase social engagement with your marketing campaign.

The following article will list down the three reasons why we think that branded mini-games are highly valuable for marketing campaigns.

  1. Kids, teenagers and adults enjoy playing video games

It is not a surprise that people are fond of video games. It is entertaining and engaging. That is why advertisers of all type are using games to get their message out.

  1. Games are accessible to everyone everywhere

Great thing about technology these days is that almost everyone everywhere have access to the World Wide Web. All you need is a device and Internet access to have a little bit of fun, participate in a contest to win a prize or to share a campaign in order to get reduction from your favourite product.

  1. Easy to publish and easily accessible

Great thing about branded mini-games is that you don’t have to worry about and spend time on getting it published. Quite the opposite – branded mini-game will be uploaded and integrated with your website or campaign’s landing page. This means your customers don’t have to download or install anything, making it more accessible to interact with your campaign.